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Our history


Restaurant Hotel Steam, a centuries-old history.


It overlooks the lake next to the historic church of Santa Tecla in the beautiful shore of Torno.

For centuries, its profile features along with the lakeside gardens, the church and the rectory of the shore I'll be back. The building that houses it, which appears in many prints, photographs and vintage postcards seems to have changed as a result of several renovations that have occurred over time.

The following images are details of the maps of the Teresian Cadastre on the remaining assets of the first and second station, and report how it looked and Punta Riva Torno between 23 September and 6 November 1721.

The building originally housed the restaurant is only indicated by the cadastral 707 whose owner was Malacrida Franco was Gio Angelo.

(Details taken from the original kept at the Historical Archive of Como).

 Verso la fine del XIX secolo

Below, an 'image from the second half' of the nineteenth century in which in addition to the stable of Restaurant Steam can be seen on the old spinning Punta, a few years later replaced by Villa Vergara. Note the old bell tower of the church of Santa Tecla looked like before the changes towards the 800.

In this photo, the same period of the previous year, it can see the part of the building that overlooks the square of the pier.
It can see the form an inverted L and the porch that leans toward the side steps of the pier.

In this last photo, also dating back to the 800 you see the restaurant as it appeared to those who arrived in Torno with Steamers.

Towards the end of the nineteenth century

The building begins the restructuring which change the appearance, the roof and the upper part of the body and protruding are deleted to make room for a wide terrace overlooking the lake that has characterized the profile until the second half of the 30s of the twentieth century.

In the following photos some glimpses of the terrace 'has characterized the building up to the restructuring in the late 30.

In 1937 they began the last renovations that change definitively his profile. Disappear the terrace and the porch that supported and are replaced from the garden to the lake that we see today.


The restructuring involves the whole structure that internally it is entirely converted.

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