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Restaurant menu


Specialty of our lake "Misultitt e pulenta"  -----  €. 18

*Allergeni: Pesce/ Fish

Octopus salad with Taggiasca olives and datterini tomatoes    -----  €. 20

*Allergens: Fish

Soused lake fish with vegetables and aromatic croutons  -----  €. 17

*Allergeni: Anidride Solforosa, Pesce, Glutine, Sedano/ Sulfur dioxide, fish, gluten, celery

Parma ham with melon   -----  €. 17

Caprese with buffalo mozzarella   -----  €. 17

*Allergeni: Latte/ Milk

Zander with red cabbage marinated and toasted almonds   -----  €. 21

*Allergens: Fish




Carnaroli rice creamed with Parmesan cheese and perch fillets -----  €. 20

( Min. 2 pax )
*Allergeni: Pesce, Latte, Anidride Solforosa/ Fish, Milk, Sulfur Dioxide

Spaghetti alla chitarra with lake bottarga and mozzarella cream  ----- €. 19

*Allergeni: Glutine, Uova, Pesce, Latte/ Gluten, eggs, fish, milk

Cuttlefish fettuccine with chef's surprise  -----  €. 19

*Allergeni: Glutine, Uova, Pesce, Sedano/ Gluten, eggs, fish, celery

Ravioli with Sorrento lemon with butter and marjoram ----- €. 17

*Allergeni: Glutine, Uova, Latte/ Gluten, eggs, milk

Conigliette with asparagus and salted ricotta ----- €. 17

*Allergeni: Glutine, Latte, Uova/ Gluten, milk, eggs



Arctic char with hazelnut grits, asparagus and potatoes -----  €. 21

*Allergeni: Pesce, Frutta a guscio/ Fish, nuts

Turbot fillet on carrot and ginger cream with vegetables   -----  €. 28

*Allergeni: Pesce/ Fish

'Lavarello' with butter and sage with vegetables -----  €. 19

*Allergeni: Pesce, Latte/ Fish, milk


Beef sirloin with spring onion, potatoes and herb mayonnaise -----  €. 27

*Allergeni: Uova, Senape/ Eggs, mustard

“Elephant's ear” Milanese veal cutlet with fried potatoes  -----  €. 28

*Allergeni: Glutine, Uova, Arachidi/ Gluten, eggs, nuts


* To guarantee food quality and safety, some products may undergo

a temperature reduction process.
To ensure food quality and safety some products may undergo

a process of temperature abatement.

Coperto/ Cover charge 3,00€

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